There is a large earth digger in front of you. You see a large vehicle coming towards you. It looks like a big tank, or a closer look reveals that it is a city on wheels. That is very big. There is another vehicle like that coming from the other side also.

These things can’t be hunting you, can they? It must be the thing at the bottom of the crater.

Overhead you see a floating ship. It’s not that big, but you see people looking down, and it seems like the are pointing a harpoon down at you.

The smoke from the crater is mixing with the exhaust from the vehicles. And sand is whirled around by the flying ship. Everything smells like burning, and it gets harder to see anything in front of you.

A hatch opens in the earth digger, and a person looks out. Then yells

Come here. You are weavers, right?

We need to be gone before the citadels flattens everything. Forget about the raiders, they probably won’t kill you if you stand between them and the warp-metal.

You look around, then you run.

Into the digger