The known

At the moment this is what the threads know.

Myletha Othos

Taffè opens a drawer and takes out a folder. Puts the folder on the table, opens it, and points at a document. Look at the lines, don’t that look sort of like Threads? I’m not sure, but this is something I picked up. Scraps, and diary notes. And stuff written on walls.

It is strange I think Capital City is what we now call The City of Gods. Primus is someone that was important. I think the name was, Manciple Primus. We think that is the same person as we call purveyor or The Black One or The Dark Purveyor.

Take them, I haven’t looked at them for many years. I just put stuff in that folder and forget them.

The weavers sit down at the table and starts to browse through the papers. They are old. But hold on. One of the documents seems to be glued together. They peel them apart and the note says.

Rose knows the truth. She found a door.

As they read it out loud, they disappear.

After a couple of seconds, they reappear around the table.

They are babbling something about a woman called Myletha Othos. They went back in time. To when Æternus was sort of new. They are talking about non-living, war and a infection.

They were connected to Astrals that already existed in the world. This is strange.
Something about blowing up non-living and some yellow fungus. Could this be the original outbreak? But it still don’t explain why people don’t die, just that they become un-living. Zombies.
Taffè types Myletha Othos into the computer.

Oh my. This could be either very good, or very very bad.

At the table

Ok. This is what I know. A long time ago. This world was home to something called humans. I know that they came here from a place far away and ended up here. We have some star charts, but as we don’t exactly know directions and stuff. And the world is full of pollution and shit. We can’t see that far into the universe, but we have started collecting everything we find. As far as we know, they had technology for space travel, but this world was hard to exploit. Oh, there is a lot of oil and coal, but laziness and people not agreeing is not great for advancing. Something happened, disaster, and there was the not living. There is a lot of things not-living on this world. We are not sure where it came from.

Let me just fire up this old computer, and I will try to give you all the information we have. I have an idea that if we can figure some of this out, we can get back home.


The sentences make sense. It is information about a world known as Æternus.

“When the three celestial bodies are aligned in syzygy on the southern hemisphere, the conscious and unconscious minds meld into unity, opening the way back to the tapestry of infinity once more…”

This explains the layout. Of course, this could explain a lot of worlds, but with the rest of the information, I am quite sure. But also, the name of afterlife there is known as tapestry. Which coincide with the old history of Threads. I don’t know much of that place, but your picker might, and off course ((that)) knows.

“To repent would be to admit sin, but I know I am right and will prove they have always been wrong.”

This is something the pickers got from ((that)) and is from a manuscript that the techno priests have. We don’t know how anyone got this information.

I think it is the sentence “Panic is the way forward”. That is the clue. There is a town or fortress or something that the pickers thought could be a way in. But no one made it. The word is that it was called Don’t Panic as a joke. If you were on your way, something might have happened.

We think that “It is the employer’s responsibility that the employees take vacation.” is from the workers manual on that world. We don’t think anyone took a vacation; I think they got killed if they tried to.

The pickers think that the techno priest cheated death to live forever, but that had its consequences. People became living dead, or zombies if that is your term. The information points towards people trying to open the gates to hell but can’t defeat the techno priests.

There is a place called The City of Gods or The Republic of Entities. The information we have is that the citizens are told there is a plague outside the city, so no one has been outside in a long time.

When closing the gates to hell, the connection to looms also got severed((strange)), but it looks like there is a way in. We will get you there. It is going to take a lot of work. You need to surf the lines out from this world, find or create a bundle with the line to Æternus, and swoop in.

Let’s sit down at the table and plan. We have some time until we get to the harbour, so we might spend the time wise.

A brief history of Threads

Oh, you really need information.

Do you remember what Loom you came from? Some call them hubs, but the real name is loom. I came from TVG89 a long time ago and have never found my way back. I didn’t expect to miss my old loom, but I do. Don’t know what happened to it.

But to your questions. First. I don’t think the compass works correctly. We are sort of going down. But also, west. There is a port in the mountain range where the citadels can’t get to, and the raiders don’t dare.

Before you ask. The citadels are like big construct where people live, and they drive around using energy called diesel and “consume” all they need to exist. It’s mostly rich people, but the workers are as low down the food chain like the rest of us. Raiders have found a way to use the energy from diesel to make ships fly. That is kind of cool, but I’m afraid of heights and I don’t think I would join them. I think they came from the North. I haven’t been there, but I heard that most of the land there has been exploited. They are not known to leave survivors. So that leaves us. The diggers or Mountaineers. We used to live in the mountains to get away from the others, but we need supplies, and that’s when our diggers got bigger and bigger. Now there are a miles and miles of tunnels underground that connects hills and mountains. There might be weavers in the other factions, but I fell to earth like you, and ran for the hills. We all use the metal from your dimension to make the diesel more potent, and that’s why we all came towards you. All our radars light up, when that type of metal shows up. I call it dimension-metal.

The exit is over there. Exit through the giftshop. Hehe. What does your guidebook say? Country, world or other? We might piece together where you were going, and how to get you back. There could be some loopholes or loom-strings that might send us back to a world with a loom connection. I could go through myself, but I’ll just be stuck somewhere else. I believe my loom is destroyed.

So that brings me to the most important point. If you have problems remembering stuff, you are probably not in the dimension or universe that your loom is connected to. I experienced the same when I was yanked from a line, but after a while most of your memory is back. But there will be no connection with your picker. I know its strange not remembering anything, but things will get better. Sort of.  

But as a QuickStart.

You are threads. As am I. We usually drift through time and space just observing. Sometimes a loom will be created. That is a cluster of strings or storylines or timelines or whatever you want to call them crosses paths. Sometimes threads get tethered to the loom and become weavers. Weavers can travel along the lines. Weavers like us watch the lines and fix them according to the pickers. ((And something else)) You were probably on a time or dimension line, when you were snatch and deposited here. I will explain more later, but this is a short version.

I’m helping because, if my loom still exists, I want to go back. I thought I could stay in this place, but I miss home.

You are repeating some words. That could part of your mission log. You might have charged enough energy to remember more of the sentence.

What are the complete sentences?

What’s happening?

You run into the digger dragging Dice with you. The big citadels are speeding up, but they might be to late. The Raiders launches the harpoon into the metal. It hisses and sparkles. The metal is lifted upwards, and Dice who is looking back see’s the metal is glinting with colours. The colours are important, but how?

The hatch in the digger closes and everything starts to shake. You grab on to whatever is in your vicinity. You observe that thing you had in your hand is not gone, but not visible. You can conjure it whenever you want to.

After what feels like hours of shaking everything stops.

Hi, I’m Taffè, the person with googles, dark brown hoodie says.

I guess you are threads, but you might be a bit confused right now. This world is not easy to find. It’s kind of outside time and space. I would assume that your loom had a malfunction, and some part of it was at the bottom of the crater. The good part is that it might not have been destroyed, the bad part is that it is going to be very difficult to get back. But back you must.

What makes me wonder is that you are kind of dressed for this world, and that is the first time I have seen.

Do you have any questions?

1d6 – Where’s the exit?

BB21 – Threads, looms, weavers, what are you on about?

f0f040 – *looks at my compass. Which direction are we going?

Bebba-d5 – Why are you helping us? What is in it for you?

99db – *Looks at my guidebook. This isn’t mentioned in the tour. Maybe I need to get a revised edition? Do you sell one in the gift shop?

Going underground

There is a large earth digger in front of you. You see a large vehicle coming towards you. It looks like a big tank, or a closer look reveals that it is a city on wheels. That is very big. There is another vehicle like that coming from the other side also.

These things can’t be hunting you, can they? It must be the thing at the bottom of the crater.

Overhead you see a floating ship. It’s not that big, but you see people looking down, and it seems like the are pointing a harpoon down at you.

The smoke from the crater is mixing with the exhaust from the vehicles. And sand is whirled around by the flying ship. Everything smells like burning, and it gets harder to see anything in front of you.

A hatch opens in the earth digger, and a person looks out. Then yells

Come here. You are weavers, right?

We need to be gone before the citadels flattens everything. Forget about the raiders, they probably won’t kill you if you stand between them and the warp-metal.

You look around, then you run.

Into the digger

What are these things

You start to stand up. All of you are dressed in clothes that fit a world where everything is run on steam, but there is something more. That might be oil. It smells like diesel. This is a world run on diesel. The sky has smog as well as smoke from the crater. Not far from you there is something coming out of the ground. Its cone shape, its a drill. Its big, very big. There is smoke coming out from the ground with it. It makes a grinding noise.

You can feel that there are more coming. And there might be something in the sky. Do they want you or the item in the crater?

You are still repeating the words







You remember that when you travel like this, you might be able to bring something. There was something about what you bring should follow the nature laws, but you can’t remember everything.

You see the other ones reaching into thin air, and produce


Holiday guidebook

Tuning fork


waffle iron

Whatever is happening, you can’t stay here…

Who are you? Who am I?

You start taking in information. Around you there are more like you. Some of you know each other and others are unfamiliar.

Spread across the ground is:

BB21 codename Blackberry

1d6 codename dice

f0f040 codename yellow

Bebba-d5 codename bebba

066937f4-b1b6-4768-9c6c-12f9a29d22da codename numbers

99db codename loud

You were all going somewhere, but that has escaped you. Maybe the word you are repeating is a clue. Or the way you are dressed

The sky above

You see the three moons. It should mean something, but you can’t remember. Why is there a hole in the ground, there is fire, and something is moving underground? But three moons should shorten the list of possible worlds.