What are these things

You start to stand up. All of you are dressed in clothes that fit a world where everything is run on steam, but there is something more. That might be oil. It smells like diesel. This is a world run on diesel. The sky has smog as well as smoke from the crater. Not far from you there is something coming out of the ground. Its cone shape, its a drill. Its big, very big. There is smoke coming out from the ground with it. It makes a grinding noise.

You can feel that there are more coming. And there might be something in the sky. Do they want you or the item in the crater?

You are still repeating the words







You remember that when you travel like this, you might be able to bring something. There was something about what you bring should follow the nature laws, but you can’t remember everything.

You see the other ones reaching into thin air, and produce


Holiday guidebook

Tuning fork


waffle iron

Whatever is happening, you can’t stay here…

Who are you? Who am I?

You start taking in information. Around you there are more like you. Some of you know each other and others are unfamiliar.

Spread across the ground is:

BB21 codename Blackberry

1d6 codename dice

f0f040 codename yellow

Bebba-d5 codename bebba

066937f4-b1b6-4768-9c6c-12f9a29d22da codename numbers

99db codename loud

You were all going somewhere, but that has escaped you. Maybe the word you are repeating is a clue. Or the way you are dressed

The sky above

You see the three moons. It should mean something, but you can’t remember. Why is there a hole in the ground, there is fire, and something is moving underground? But three moons should shorten the list of possible worlds.


You lie on the ground.

There is a big hole in the scorch earth. There are flames and smoke all around you. There is some trees and shrubbery, but most of the land around you is barren. The hole itself is about 20 meters deep, and at the bottom there is a big bulk. It might be stone, but it could be metal.

There is another sound, coming from underneath you. Something is moving down there.

There are more of you laying around on the ground. The sky is dark. So, it must be night.


You open you eyes.
All around you there is fire and smoke