You run into the digger dragging Dice with you. The big citadels are speeding up, but they might be to late. The Raiders launches the harpoon into the metal. It hisses and sparkles. The metal is lifted upwards, and Dice who is looking back see’s the metal is glinting with colours. The colours are important, but how?

The hatch in the digger closes and everything starts to shake. You grab on to whatever is in your vicinity. You observe that thing you had in your hand is not gone, but not visible. You can conjure it whenever you want to.

After what feels like hours of shaking everything stops.

Hi, I’m Taffè, the person with googles, dark brown hoodie says.

I guess you are threads, but you might be a bit confused right now. This world is not easy to find. It’s kind of outside time and space. I would assume that your loom had a malfunction, and some part of it was at the bottom of the crater. The good part is that it might not have been destroyed, the bad part is that it is going to be very difficult to get back. But back you must.

What makes me wonder is that you are kind of dressed for this world, and that is the first time I have seen.

Do you have any questions?

1d6 – Where’s the exit?

BB21 – Threads, looms, weavers, what are you on about?

f0f040 – *looks at my compass. Which direction are we going?

Bebba-d5 – Why are you helping us? What is in it for you?

99db – *Looks at my guidebook. This isn’t mentioned in the tour. Maybe I need to get a revised edition? Do you sell one in the gift shop?