Oh, you really need information.

Do you remember what Loom you came from? Some call them hubs, but the real name is loom. I came from TVG89 a long time ago and have never found my way back. I didn’t expect to miss my old loom, but I do. Don’t know what happened to it.

But to your questions. First. I don’t think the compass works correctly. We are sort of going down. But also, west. There is a port in the mountain range where the citadels can’t get to, and the raiders don’t dare.

Before you ask. The citadels are like big construct where people live, and they drive around using energy called diesel and “consume” all they need to exist. It’s mostly rich people, but the workers are as low down the food chain like the rest of us. Raiders have found a way to use the energy from diesel to make ships fly. That is kind of cool, but I’m afraid of heights and I don’t think I would join them. I think they came from the North. I haven’t been there, but I heard that most of the land there has been exploited. They are not known to leave survivors. So that leaves us. The diggers or Mountaineers. We used to live in the mountains to get away from the others, but we need supplies, and that’s when our diggers got bigger and bigger. Now there are a miles and miles of tunnels underground that connects hills and mountains. There might be weavers in the other factions, but I fell to earth like you, and ran for the hills. We all use the metal from your dimension to make the diesel more potent, and that’s why we all came towards you. All our radars light up, when that type of metal shows up. I call it dimension-metal.

The exit is over there. Exit through the giftshop. Hehe. What does your guidebook say? Country, world or other? We might piece together where you were going, and how to get you back. There could be some loopholes or loom-strings that might send us back to a world with a loom connection. I could go through myself, but I’ll just be stuck somewhere else. I believe my loom is destroyed.

So that brings me to the most important point. If you have problems remembering stuff, you are probably not in the dimension or universe that your loom is connected to. I experienced the same when I was yanked from a line, but after a while most of your memory is back. But there will be no connection with your picker. I know its strange not remembering anything, but things will get better. Sort of.  

But as a QuickStart.

You are threads. As am I. We usually drift through time and space just observing. Sometimes a loom will be created. That is a cluster of strings or storylines or timelines or whatever you want to call them crosses paths. Sometimes threads get tethered to the loom and become weavers. Weavers can travel along the lines. Weavers like us watch the lines and fix them according to the pickers. ((And something else)) You were probably on a time or dimension line, when you were snatch and deposited here. I will explain more later, but this is a short version.

I’m helping because, if my loom still exists, I want to go back. I thought I could stay in this place, but I miss home.

You are repeating some words. That could part of your mission log. You might have charged enough energy to remember more of the sentence.

What are the complete sentences?