The sentences make sense. It is information about a world known as Æternus.

“When the three celestial bodies are aligned in syzygy on the southern hemisphere, the conscious and unconscious minds meld into unity, opening the way back to the tapestry of infinity once more…”

This explains the layout. Of course, this could explain a lot of worlds, but with the rest of the information, I am quite sure. But also, the name of afterlife there is known as tapestry. Which coincide with the old history of Threads. I don’t know much of that place, but your picker might, and off course ((that)) knows.

“To repent would be to admit sin, but I know I am right and will prove they have always been wrong.”

This is something the pickers got from ((that)) and is from a manuscript that the techno priests have. We don’t know how anyone got this information.

I think it is the sentence “Panic is the way forward”. That is the clue. There is a town or fortress or something that the pickers thought could be a way in. But no one made it. The word is that it was called Don’t Panic as a joke. If you were on your way, something might have happened.

We think that “It is the employer’s responsibility that the employees take vacation.” is from the workers manual on that world. We don’t think anyone took a vacation; I think they got killed if they tried to.

The pickers think that the techno priest cheated death to live forever, but that had its consequences. People became living dead, or zombies if that is your term. The information points towards people trying to open the gates to hell but can’t defeat the techno priests.

There is a place called The City of Gods or The Republic of Entities. The information we have is that the citizens are told there is a plague outside the city, so no one has been outside in a long time.

When closing the gates to hell, the connection to looms also got severed((strange)), but it looks like there is a way in. We will get you there. It is going to take a lot of work. You need to surf the lines out from this world, find or create a bundle with the line to Æternus, and swoop in.

Let’s sit down at the table and plan. We have some time until we get to the harbour, so we might spend the time wise.