Ok. This is what I know. A long time ago. This world was home to something called humans. I know that they came here from a place far away and ended up here. We have some star charts, but as we don’t exactly know directions and stuff. And the world is full of pollution and shit. We can’t see that far into the universe, but we have started collecting everything we find. As far as we know, they had technology for space travel, but this world was hard to exploit. Oh, there is a lot of oil and coal, but laziness and people not agreeing is not great for advancing. Something happened, disaster, and there was the not living. There is a lot of things not-living on this world. We are not sure where it came from.

Let me just fire up this old computer, and I will try to give you all the information we have. I have an idea that if we can figure some of this out, we can get back home.