Taffè opens a drawer and takes out a folder. Puts the folder on the table, opens it, and points at a document. Look at the lines, don’t that look sort of like Threads? I’m not sure, but this is something I picked up. Scraps, and diary notes. And stuff written on walls.

It is strange I think Capital City is what we now call The City of Gods. Primus is someone that was important. I think the name was, Manciple Primus. We think that is the same person as we call purveyor or The Black One or The Dark Purveyor.

Take them, I haven’t looked at them for many years. I just put stuff in that folder and forget them.

The weavers sit down at the table and starts to browse through the papers. They are old. But hold on. One of the documents seems to be glued together. They peel them apart and the note says.

Rose knows the truth. She found a door.

As they read it out loud, they disappear.

After a couple of seconds, they reappear around the table.

They are babbling something about a woman called Myletha Othos. They went back in time. To when Æternus was sort of new. They are talking about non-living, war and a infection.

They were connected to Astrals that already existed in the world. This is strange.
Something about blowing up non-living and some yellow fungus. Could this be the original outbreak? But it still don’t explain why people don’t die, just that they become un-living. Zombies.
Taffè types Myletha Othos into the computer.

Oh my. This could be either very good, or very very bad.